Saturday, July 22, 2006


Buster visiting the Puget Sound


How does Buster pass the time in the car?

...only when he can't sit on Mommy's lap in the front seat...


Buster prefers couches in his hotel rooms


Buster finds a new game

Buster has learned how to look for rocks in the river and try to fetch them out. This is pretty funny! It is especially great because it was more than 100 degrees outside and it cooled down the hot puppy!


Pretty happy about defacing Butte's Law


Buster defies rest area ordinance in Idaho


Buster loves Fetching on the Beach

Buster absolutely loved all the room to fetch on this Pacific Ocean beach. It was his first trip to the ocean, but he was brave and went wading in the cold water with Daddy. Mommy said it was the rarest and most beautiful day she had ever seen in her many trips to Westport, WA. We found a stick and he went crazy as you can see from the crazy look in his eyes as he is fetching the huge stick!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Big Law in BUTTE Broken by the PUG


Pug invades park - FUN

Everybody that walked by laughed at this one. Lake Cour de lane was so dog friendly we could not believe we found this park


Buster breaks the Chinese Deadline

Pugs are of Chinese decent, so when Buster found this interesting plaque in Washington, he had to take a stand and cross the "deadline". Not sure what the history of this plaque is, there was no sign or anything, just the indicator next to the sidewalk. Couldn't find much informantion on this piece of history. Let me know if you find anything

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Buster gets eye protection for acid rain


Buster invades Lummi Island

Check this out; Buster defied "private, members only" sign on Lummi Island in the San Juan islands. He was very excited about this one!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Buster says "prevent forest fires"

Buster had a great stop in Levenworth, WA (the 'bavarian town') and found a Smokey the Bear hat, so decided to visit the local Forest Service office. He might get a gig being the new "Smokey the Pug" and take after his Grandpa!

Monday, July 10, 2006


Dogs may cause a volcanic eruption

This sign was at Mount St Helens...
Apparantly, pets can scare people but who cares about scary people. Dogs scare wildlife, ok, and look at this picture of the dog!


Mt St Helens prohibits puppies!


Vancouver 4th of July Celebration - ANTI DOG

This was incredible irritating as we brought Buster down here to the party and turned us away. Look at this sign - No alcohol, fireworks, or Pets. I asked "what about kids, can they come in??" and they said "yes", I said well what about that, some of them are pretty scary. They got the humor but it did not get buster in the even


very defiant in the Heat along the Columbia River

Doesn't Buster look defiant here in this picture. He really wanted to take check this grass out as it may have never been touched by a pug before


Another Rest area desecrated by Buster


Defying the rules again

Buster was really happy about defying this pet area. It was the worst one we have seen for pets; just a sign, really in a wayside in the Palouse hills.


Buster shopping at the Bookie

"The Bookie"=the famous Washington State Univ. Cougars bookstore!
Buster shops at the bookie, a cougar store at WSU

Monday, July 03, 2006


Buster loves the motels

Buster has decided he should be able to sleep on the bed while on vacation

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Seeing the palouse of Pullman, WA

buster loved the drive from Spokane, WA to Pullman, WA through the palouse. Wheat fields were a beautiful green that was soo green it almost looked unreal.


Buster sees the palouse hills outside Pullman, WA

Buster perched atop Steptoe Butte, one of the tallest hills in the Palouse region.


Buster cools off

Buster took a dip in Lake Coeur d'Alene. As you can see, he does not look to excited, but he was after it cooled him off in the 100 degree heat.


Buster fights a grizzly



Buster defies the LAW again - What a rebel

I am not sure if this means Dogs are as bad for you as alcohol or if alcohol is as bad for you as dogs. We were quite offended by this sign and buster even lifted his leg to it. I would gotten a picture of that too, but that might be obscene


Buster finds treats in Coeur d'Alene

Buster was a big hit in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Everywhere we went, they wanted to pet Buster or talk about him. We ate a great lunch at the San Fransisco Sourdough sandwich company out on the patio and the owner brought Buster a cup of water and just love him. Buster found a doggie treat holder and water just for him down the street. CD'A loves dogs!


Pug obtains another victory for Pets

Buster found another place to make his own and defy the unfriendly Humans and as you can see he seems to be laughing hysterically as he defies the rules again.


Fred's Mesquite Grille

Just a quick note from Buster "Mommy and Daddy left me in the car to go eat. How could they do that?"

We did stop at a great place to eat that we would totally recommend in downtown Butte, MT

It is downtown and awesome.


Buster goes to Missoula

Buster had his longest road trip day ever of over 9 hours on the Road from Casper, WY to MIssoula, MT. We had a long day traveling but as you can see from this picture, Buster lovers to be on the road, in the front seat, his ears back, with the sunrise to his back.


Pug sneaks into hotel room

Buster happily arrived at Casper, WY late thursday night only to find some big signs that said "NO PETS". He could not believe this and decided to defy the mean un-pug friendly humans. We think Buster could sense the hotel not wanting him, so he made lots of noise that night, crying like a little baby in his kennel. We had to take him out to the car to get some sleep, poor puppy, but he was fine in the end. See the picture and how happy he is to be defying the "no pets rule" when we left the next morning. Good riddance!

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